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Joe Flacco looked really good in a dominating Week 1 win over the Buffalo Bills, and many people were ready to declare that Flacco was back now that the Ravens had motivated him by drafting Lamar Jackson in the first round and gave him some new weapons to work with.

It didn’t last long. After throwing two incompletions on Baltimore’s opening drive against the Bengals on Thursday night, he threw an ugly interception into the waiting arms of rookie safety Jessie Bates.

Both Flacco’s decision-making and execution are lacking here. His intended receiver was blanketed by the corner, so even if the throw was accurate (it was not), there was very little chance of a reception. Twitter did not wait to jump all over the former Super Bowl MVP…

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The NFL world roasted Joe Flacco after he threw a terrible interception

Update: Joe Flacco, not elite.

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